Transfer to Sfinari

Transfer to Sfinari, a fishing village that is located at the western shore of the prefecture of Chania, approximately 18 km southwest of the small town of Kissamos. The beach is at the fringe of the village, it is long and there are some basic facilities offered in its southern part.

A couple of old-style taverns resemble how the island was during the 1980s, before tourist development started to grow. So, at least for the time being, Sfinari is a safe choice to escape the large crowds that gather in more popular destinations. The beach is fairly tranquil and is also an exceptional choice for couples, families with children or people who just want to relax under the sun before having a lovely meal by the sea.

Most of the beach has pebbles and along the coast there are large salt cedars with plenty of shade underneath. A short walk towards the north will lead you to some spots that are a bit more rocky, yet perfect to explore and enjoy your swim more privately.

At first glance, you might think that Sfinari is nothing special, but at the same time it combines all the right elements that make it a perfect destination. The village has some lodging options and is ideal as a base for hiking around the trails of the region. South and north of the village are the beaches Platanakia and Kokkina Gremna, which are totally remote and are definitely worth visiting.

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