Platanias is located 11 kilometers west of Chania and is considered one of the most popular tourist resorts in Crete. It stretches along the coast, with luxury hotels in front of the sea combining pleasant holidays.

You can also find amazing activities like cruises, water sports, safari on unknown mountain tracks, guided tours, various culinary dismissals in restaurants, and night entertainment in beach bars and clubs.

It definitely belongs on the list of top destinations in Chania for accommodation, as it is very close to Chania city, so it is very easy for visitors to get around the picturesque harbor and the alleys of the old town, and visitors can enjoy countless experiences in Platania.

Chania Airport taxi to Platanias

Transfer Kissamos undertakes to transfer you by taxi or Van from Chania airport to Platanias. The total distance is 25.2 km, and, and the journey takes an average of 30 minutes. The taxi price from Chania airport to Platanias is 50 euros, while if you book a van the price rises to 80 euros.

Heraklion Airport taxi to Platanias

We transport you from Heraklion airport to Platanias, one of the most impressive tourist resorts of Crete. The total distance is approximately 116.3 km and the taxi transfer price from Heraklion airport to Platanias is 180 euros and with a van, the price is 260 euros.

Kissamos taxi to Platanias

The headquarters of the company Transfer Kissamos is located in Kissamos. We transport you by taxi or Van to Platanias. The total distance is 27.5 km, and, and the journey takes 26 minutes. Taxi from Kissamos to Platanias the price is 36 euros, and transport by VAN the price is 50 euros.

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