Koutsomatados is a small village at the end of the gorge of Topolia to the south.

There are a post Office and police station, carpenter’s workshop, olive press, wheat mill etc.
The inhabitants are farmers, beekeepers, and stockbreeders.
The village is built at the entrance of the famous gorge of Topolia and 27 km away is the monastery of Chrissoskalitissa

Sights :
The gorge of Topoliathe cave of Agia Sophia, 5km walking path through the forest to Milia, Koutsomatados, Mouri Sassalo.
The byzantine churches of Agia Triada at Topolia and Agios Georgios at Tsourouniana, significant monuments from the 14th century, and the churches of Agios Panteleimon, Agios Nikolaos and Agios Ioannis.

Cultural events :
December 24, the representation of Jesus birth. at the cave of Agia Sophia.

The gorge of Topolia

Within a short distance from the village of Topolia, to the south, begins the gorge of the same name, and ends after 1,500m at the village of Kartsomatado.
The gorge is full of plane-trees, wild olivetrees, flowers, and bushes. Its walls are 300m high, and the width in some cases is 5m only.
Through the gorge passes the river Tiflos.

Continuing to the South we pass through a short tunell, and reach the cave of “Agia Sophia”.

The cave of “Agia Sophia”

A short distance after the tunel, there is a well maintained footpath on the mountain side which reaches the Agia Sophia Cave at 285m a.s.l.
The cave is of great scientific interest, has a diameter of 70m and it is 20m high. There are marvelous stalagmites and stalactites of various shapes.
At the left end there is a small church with an icon that, as tradition says, came from Constantinople, and has been wedged in a rock
In the cave were discovered many finds from neolithic era.
Two patronal feasts are taking place there each year: One on Tuesday after Easter and a second on December 24, when the birth of Jesus is represented.

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