Transfer to Drapanias

Transfer to Drapanias, a small village in northwestern Crete, Chania (regional unit). It is the principal town in the Cretan municipality of Mythimna. It was built in the ruins of the ancient town of Mythimna. The locals describe Drapanias in three parts: Drapanias, Ano Drapanias (“upper Drapanias”) and Kato Drapanias (“lower Drapanias”).

This part of Drapanias can be accessed via the main road to Kissamos. The small traditional village has 3 traditional Greek taverns which serve Greek food and are more than happy to play a game of tavli with you. The village has two bakeries in which you can find homemade pastries, bread, and cakes and there is also one small shop, selling basic products. A large church is at the heart of Drapanias, situated in the square. The church holds regular services on Sundays and is the soul of many of the locals. 

Ano Drapanias

A little walk up the hill, you will come across the other half of Ano Drapanias, in which you can sample the makings of local cheeses from the cheese maker, olive oil and Raki and even take some home with you.

Kato Drapanias

‘Down’ Drapanias you can find the beach and the local beach taverns. It is easily accessible from Ano Drapanias, which is only down the hill passing a plethora of olive groves. A peaceful 10-minute walk, or 3-minute car drive. The sea is easily accessible to small children and adults alike. Some of the taverns own a few beach sun loungers and showers, that can be used in exchange to buy something from their restaurants. There are also camping facilities and beach rooms to rent. Link Camping Facilities

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